Saturday, February 27, 2010


Life has been kicking my ass lately.

Work has been a continuous revolving door of employee issues consisting of hirings, firings and reprimands. I have hired three newbies in the past month and so far they have logged in a total of four sick days. One only made it a week, before getting all germy and pukey and greenish.

Home has been somewhat calmer, but with the normal amount of teen angst and girl-drama. With several snow days under their belts, they are as sick of me as I am of keeping them entertained.

The man was transferred to a different department at work and is showing the signs of stress related to such a move. He's well liked at work and respected among his peers. Yet there are employees that do not deal well with change. There is backlash folks.

In other news, there is a new puppy. After mourning the loss of Ralphie the Wonder Weiner, I slowly began to prepare myself for another dog. I researched different breeds, small ones and large ones, active and no-so-much. I considered the possibility of getting a dog that could accompany me to work each day. As I have mentioned before, I work in a chain of liquor stores. This made the option of a large dog unlikely. Large, furry tails clearing large amounts of bottles from bottom shelves would be a bad thing. From this aspect, a small dog is preferable.

So this narrowed my search. I watched dog shows. I checked breeders. I talked to everyone that had the unfortunate luck to cross my path. Long story sort-of-shortish, I kept going back to the dachshunds. Maybe its the familiarity. They are not the easiest breed, but I knew what I was getting into.

After batting my eyes and promising sexual favors to the Man, on Valentine's Day he purchased for me this:

Let me introduce to you Prince Dashing Romeo. Dash for short. He makes my heart swell.


Anonymous said...

While I do think Dash is cute, I'm getting tired of popping over here to find no new posts. So I'm going to become your first stalker / follower. Do not be alarmed! If you don't want me to take this drastic step, just let me know. Thanks

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