Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm a Supahstar!!!!!

Holy crapballs, Interwebbies! I'm famous. Or at least famouser than I was yesterday. Or possibly the day before that. Because I forgot to check the mail. Because the bourbon got in the way. Or something. I can't remember.

Anyhooters, see this?

That, my dear friendlies, is a postcard from someone I've never met. In person. So it's kinda like fan mail. But not really.

It's actually a postcard from the lovely Jam. She has started a postcard project and because I am magnificant the type to pester someone until they cave to my will, I received mine in the mail today. (Or yesterday. Please to see above foolish statement.)

Here's a pic of the postage to back up my next claim.

Yup, you guess it. I've reached international acclaim. Check the postage. It says CANADA! Suck on that! Her royal mapletasticness has sent me this personal message of joy and goodwill from across the lands.

Alas, I did not receive the Beaver postcard, but I'm guessing that she is at least 87% sure that I have a beaver of my own. And won't be needing hers. Not that her beaver isn't lovely. Probably.

So thank you, Your Royal Jamness for the beaverless card and the kind words written upon it. And as soon as I find a card fantastic enough to return to you, I shall do so, posthaste. If you send your addy to my email. I promise not to stalk you. Much.

And to all of you who are not Jam. Neener. And Neener.

Oops! I is a dipshit. Here's her link. Go read and experience the funny.


Andygirl said...

SO cool! you're like, famous now right? serious though, I think postcards are so cool. yay!

Sara said...

I think another one will be heading your way shortly... : )

Dawn said...

Andygirl - I will attending a biker rally in the near future and will be diligently searching for artsy biker postcards to mail out. Will do my best to find one for you if you like.

Sara - still searching for the coolest postcards available in Redneckyville. Trashy biker cards are at the top of my shopping list. Should be sending some out soon-ish.

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