Thursday, May 6, 2010

Milkdud with a side order of Asshole

I believe that I have previously mentioned the hilljack that I married and divorced several years ago. Also known as MilkDud. See previous post as to why. I can go several weeks or even months without ever hearing from him...or needing to hear from him. But every now and then, he rears his ugly head and plunges it into my world.

Tales from Bette and The Blonde have informed me that his new wife has packed up herself and their two children and moved out. Now, on most levels I couldn't care less. On one BIG level, I worry about how it will affect my kids. They have been told by the evil step-bitch that they are the source of much of the stress in that house. Apparently, the twenty-something, young-enough-to-be-his-daughter, known around here as the Bimbo, that slept with my husband and then married him, has a hard time dealing with my teenage daughters. At one point a few years ago, she called to tell me how to raise my children properly. After all, she HAD taken a class on child development in college. Surely she must know more than the person that expelled said children from said person's girly parts. (Note - this took place before she had given birth to any children of her own. Clearly, she is qualified.)

So, no love lost on the Bimbo. But today, MilkDud reared that ugly head and plunged it into my workday. It started with my receiving a text message with him bitching about the summer vacation schedule. According to state parenting guidelines, he has until April 1 to inform me of what dates he would prefer for visitation with the kids over summer break. Ummmm, today is Cinco De Mayo. Although the MilkDud probably thinks that this means it's a national holiday for eating mayonaisse out of the kitchen sink, surely he must realize that it is at least no longer March. Or even April.

He did not ask for me to reconsider his schedule. He did not ask about the kid's activities and the problems in scheduling around them. He simply accused me of not wanting them, so therefore dumping them off on him at the earliest opportunity.

My children know that The Man and I take two vacations a year. One with kids and one without. They have no problem with that. They generally take a vacation with their dad, so they end up with two vacations also. The only person with a problem is MilkDud.

Our (The Man and I) vacation this year will be spent on a motorcycle. (Also see earlier post. Yes, we're "those" people.) We have planned a week-long, multi-city ride to vist some places in neighboring states. Now, according to The Dud, I should be sitting home with my children and not out being a "biker bitch". (His quote, not mine.)

So his problem is my mode of transportation? Or my bandana? Maybe it's the fact that I'll forget sunscreen and come home wind-blown and burnt? Who the hell knows. All I know is that I'm going. I refuse to let him make me feel guilty about this. I spend way more time with my kids, and participate in their lives and activities than he can ever imagine.

I have let him know that we have another vacation scheduled with the kids later in the year (not that it's any of his damned business)and then thoughtfully also let him know that he could go screw himself.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like MilkDud is jealous. Don't hilljacks like bikes? All the ones I know do.

pattypunker said...

i so want to ride with you! and hilljack needs to buck up. don't you worry your pretty bandana-cloaked head over it.

Dawn said...

Scott - last I looked it was donkeys. Or jackasses. And big trucks.

PP - thank you dahlin. It ain't nothing I can't handle, but it is more frustrating than herding butterflies.

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